How to Locate Free Bets

One of the most coveted treasures in the online betting community is the elusive "free bet." This is a bet offered by a bookie at no charge, which means that you won't pay any extra commission or percentage to the booking company when you place your wager. What follows are some tips for getting your hands on one of these no-cost bets.

Research Bookies

The best way to start searching for free bets is to do a thorough web search. If you simply type "sports bookies" (or ideally, something more specific) into a search engine, you'll turn up several ads for available booking companies. Just click through some of these to see which ones advertise free bets. Some might be false advertising, but some might be legitimate.

Read the Fine Print

Once you find a bookie that offers free bets, you'll have to register and make a deposit. Before you do so, however, make sure you know what kind of bet is actually free. Some companies will offer free bets only for a specific sport or even a specific game. Once you're sure of the details of the free bet, you can proceed with the registration and start doing your research on the event itself.

Though you may turn up several ads for free bets on your initial web search, don't get too excited right away. It will often take a bit of browsing and research before you locate a legitimate company that offers a free bet with no strings attached.

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